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Adeola Alao is a 1st Gen Nigerian-American dreamer, born in Bronx, NY. A self-taught filmmaker and photographer, obsessed with narrative and images; Ade's curiosity of humanity and his love of poetics continuously reveal new ways in how he explores visual storytelling.  


Ade has worked on award winning and award worthy feature films and shorts [IMDB]. 

In 2021 Ade was both recognized and won awards for his short film [ PATRIARCH ].

Ade has recently released his most ambitious film project titled [TRIUMPH], a commercial for the new Tesla Model 3, which was shot on 16mm Kodak motion picture film.

Adeola Alao currently lives in NY with his young family, and is writing the script to his next project and debut feature film..



- SLAMDANCE Film Festival 2009 FINALISTS - "MAFIA"-  Screenplay Winner

- Illinois International Film Festival 2009 - "Micro-Business"- Screenplay Winner


- Venice Shorts Film Festival 2021 - "Patriarch" - Official Selection - Best Thriller

- Gold Harvest Film Festival 2021 - "Patriarch" - Winner - Best Horror 

- Paris Play International Film Festival - "On Go" - Winner - Best Music Video

- Nigeria Entertainment Awards 2012  - "She Likes It"- Best Music Video Nominee

- MTV RapFix Live 2010  - "It's Natural" - Winner


- [ CURBED ] - MAY 2021

- [ PAPER MAG ] -FEB 2020 


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